Julia Davids on why NSCS provides arts education for children 

At the October 1, 2019 rehearsal, Music Director Julia Davids spoke to the the members about NSCS community engagement. Thanks to Communications V.P. Deb Buesing for summarizing Julia's comments.  

There has been a great deal of discussion amongst arts organizations in Evanston about how to diversify the arts. But I can tell you, do you know what that really is? It is bringing music and the arts to kids who have no opportunity for it. And those kids are right here, 15 minutes away from us in Evanston.

We’re a choir. So why should we put in a budget item for Fleetwood-Jourdain? Because of what the arts have done for us. And because if not, then who? NSCS has the privilege and everything we need -- the connections, the support – to make a real difference in the lives of kindergarteners to sixth-graders who would receive no arts programming otherwise. 

But I want to state that NSCS is more than fabulous concerts …. It is also breaking down systemic barriers that prevent access to the arts. And I can’t do that by myself,  so I’m immensely grateful to be part of an organization that does have the ability to do that. And so, I ask for your buy-in, and your encouragement, and your spare change or greater donation if you have it, and for your time to get behind it. ​

[Listen to Julia David's speech in its entirety. MP3 (16MB)]