This site is designed to give access to North Shore Choral Society files and information that is not necessarily current.  Content is either presented as a 'Web Link' (URL which gives direct access to a stored file, usually a PDF) or in 'Article' format (information presented on a web page).

Content is organized by NSCS Board function, which are also defined as 'Categories'.  Click on the titles next to the NSCS logo above to see lists of the documents (files) and information (articles) for that function.  The list of files in this view also displays a description of each file.

If you know what type of content you are looking for, you can use a search screen.

  • To find 'Web Link' files, search by Tag (type of document).  There are also tags to identify each NSCS season.  Tags are listed alphabetically.  Search results by Tag are listed alphabetically by Title.
  • To find 'Articles', search by Keyword.  This searches for specific text in a title or description.  For this option you can choose the order of the results, or limit the scope by type of item (e.g., article, category, web link)

For both types of searches, you can limit the number of results returned on a page.  The default is 20.


The project to make all content that was available via the "old website" accessible via eArchive is not yet completed. If you don't see something you think should be in the eArchive, please notify the Computer Services Coordinator.  Also please forward any suggestions for improving organization or search functions.